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Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or you need to schedule an important delivery across the country, you need professional movers and drivers you can trust. But what options are best for you? How do you know it’s a good price? Will your stuff get there on time? These are the questions and issues we looked to solve and with PikPak, we created a simple solution to make your next move or delivery a stress-free and painless experience. How did we do that?

That’s easy, we made it so you can find the help you need, at the price you want, and the schedule that’s best for you, all from your smartphone. Oh, and you won’t even have to break a sweat because PikPak helpers will do all of the heavy lifting. PikPak is an app that lets you post the details about your move or delivery, and then nearby professional movers will bid on your job. You take control and choose the best help at the best price. We found that people like you like having options and want affordable, professional help that you can count on. Now with our easy-to-use app, you can choose your help, schedule the delivery, pay the bid, track your items, and rate once the job is complete – all in just a few simple clicks! Plus, when we say get professional movers we mean it. For your peace of mind all our drivers and movers are screened and background checked to make sure your items are always safe and insured.

If you need to move your stuff, pick up a large item, or ship goods from point A to point B, whether you’re a consumer or a business, PikPak is right for you!

PikPak is the fastest, safest and most affordable alternative for consumers and businesses to move everything across town and across the country. Now, let’s stop talking about how helpful our app is and let us show you.

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